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Study at a partner university

In the 3 rd year of the Bachelor, students have the possibility of studying the second semester in an international university among the school’s partner establishments. The duration of the mobility varies from 3 to 6 months depending on the host establishment. B3 students can combine the study semester at OMNES Education London with the international exchange semester.

The partnerships forged are varied and do not exclusively offer courses in international relations and political science. Thus, our B3s can choose to focus their study theme on a more specific subject that is not necessarily taught at HEIP in the second semester, such as international affairs, humanitarian work, law, social sciences, etc.

The selection is based on the following criteria:

  • – The academic results of the two post-baccalaureate years
  • – The level of language required by the establishment of affection
  • – Student attendance and behavior
  • – The number of places open to mobility

HEIP organizes a preselection at the beginning of each B3 year (in September). An information meeting is organized at the start of each year with students in France and students in London. A first selection is made by HEIP. Preselected candidates must then apply to the partner university and obtain the necessary authorizations to study abroad in the second semester. At the end of their mobility, the study credits will be transferred to HEIP for validation of their semester.

Samuel (B3)un semestre à l’étranger en Corée du Sud

Faire un séjour à l’étranger est toujours enrichissant et permet de devenir plus autonome. Pour ceux qui recherchent un esprit vraiment différent qui allie modernité et tradition, la Corée est l’idéal.

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Updated 22 February 2022