The pedagogical project: Excellence, closeness, openness

True to its principles, HEIP is constantly evolving, offering an innovative, active pedagogical approach. The key to this excellence lies in the policy combining closeness and openness.


Personalized tutoring enables students to progress, to build and develop their professional project.
Our policy of having small classes makes it easy, for example, to be in direct contact with the faculty members, who, at a University, would lecture in lecture theaters.
Continuous assessment is used for every subject, enabling us to monitor students more closely and ensuring better progress. From the second year, personalized research projects give each student the chance to work on a specific subject under the supervision of faculty members. Lastly, the students are supported by the faculty, the administrative department and by alumni in their search for internships.

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Openness to foreign countries


It is unthinkable to study international relations without a perfect command not only of English but also other foreign languages such as Spanish, German, Russian, Arabic, Italian or Chinese, which students can study even if they are complete beginners. Foreign experience is also essential. In addition to internships, students can study for a semester at one of our partner universities. What is more, foreign lecturers regularly lecture at HEIP.

Openness to current affairs

Political studies and international relations are constantly impacted by current affairs. Regular conferences and seminars led by figures from a variety of backgrounds (actors, analysts, journalists…) are held at the school.

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