“Since 1899, understanding people, shaping the world”


Political science and international relations are the basis of global stability.

So that together we may act on and develop human societies, we need to study and broaden our knowledge of geopolitical, historical and cultural questions as well as our legal, economic and societal understanding. “The whole world is our playing field” in all its diversity and its globality.

Right from its foundation in 1899, HEIP was an eclectic school. To set up and drive forward her project for a groundbreaking school, the founder, Dick May, called on major thinkers of her day who have left their mark on history: Romain Rolland, Charles Péguy, even Emile Durkheim. Today the school continues this tradition by working with renowned figures from the field of political and social sciences.


By enrolling at HEIP, students access a comprehensive and holistic approach to International Relations through teaching covering the 5 indispensable components of a global course: geopolitical, legal, economic, social and historical facets. From the core general knowledge curriculum of the first year to the more specialized teaching at the end of the course, the program gives students the keys to deciphering the complexity of the world.

HEIP students think international on a daily basis. Not only because of the destinations where they can do internships or study programs… they also have plenty of opportunities to perfect their foreign language skills on the multicultural Paris campus, always in great demand from foreign students.

The school feeds off the multi-faceted legacy of International Relations to provide its students with real tools to develop a professional approach in their thought processes. In addition to teaching the fundamentals, the school focuses as much on developing students’ artistic and creative skills as on methodological skills. Giving them the urge to question what they see in the modern world, to debate issues with passion, to seek information and to criticize, but also experiment, create, emulate, invent… this is all part of the school’s mission.

To accomplish this mission the school can count on a supportive, lively, committed community, made up of high-quality stakeholders, strongly attached to our institution’s projects and values.

A number of high profile figures and HEIP alumni have contributed to shaping today’s world, now they’re passing you the baton.

We look forward to seeing you soon in the most innovative and audacious of Schools with a long- standing tradition!

José MILANO EditorialJosé Milano

General Director INSEEC.U

LaetitiaHelouet 300x300 EditorialLaetitia Helouet

HEIP’s Director