October 1st: Start of M2, UNESCO Master Class followed by 120th anniversary of HEIP

This program provides instruction in the operational governance tools for these institutions.

Delivered by high-level senior practitioners, this program provides instruction in the operational governance tools for these institutions.

The study of general subjects, administrative law, public procurement and public finance, as well as a partnership with the “Prépa Saint-Germain”, enable students to prepare the competitive civil service entrance exams (ENA: National School of Administration and IRA: Regional Administration Institutes).

This M2 trains students not only for jobs in the administrative sector, in public institutions or associations, but also for positions in business with close links to those organizations.

This program is part of the HEIP Master’s cycle.

Semester 1
  • Organizational management and driving change
  • Public finances
  • Public procurement and contracts
  • Management practices in public institutions
  • Civil service law and human resource policies
  • Institutional communication
  • Lobbying and influence strategies
  • Intermediary bodies and public management
  • Regional and local government competencies
  • Independent administrative regulatory and control authorities
  • Digitalization of public institutions
  • English
Semester 2
  • 6 month internship in France or abroad

    Interneship report

  • Preparation for the ENA competitive entrance exam

    Interneship report

Contact ADMISSIONS: contact@heip.fr / 01 84 14 03 30

CHE2275 233x300 M2 Management of public affairs and institutions

Program under the leadership of Régis Passerieux (Civil Administrator at CHEMI –French Ministry of the Interior’s Centre for Advanced Studies– and Director of the specialized advanced cycle for artificial intelligence at the French Ministry of the Interior)

Graduate of the University of Montpellier, of IEP Paris and of ENA, Régis Passerieux has held positions both in the public and political sector and in the private sector. High ranking official in the French Ministry of the Interior from 1988, first at the Directorate-General for local authorities (DGCL), then in the cabinet of the French Minister for the Overseas Departments and Territories, he was Mayor of Agde from March 1989 until 2001 (international resort of Cap d’Agde), before becoming  a member of the departmental council for the Hérault. From 1994 to 2003, he was a Member of the National Executive Committee, and National Office of the French “Parti Socialiste, in charge of the public sector, and subsequently of international relations. From January 2002 onwards, he has worked first and foremost in the private sector at international level, particularly in China from 2009 to 2014. As a lawyer specializing in Public economic law, for 10 years, between 2002 and 2012, he specialized in network activities, infrastructures and partnerships between the Public and Private sectors in Paris, and in Pékin. He has lectured in these subjects at the Paris Institute of Political Studies and the University Paris IV Sorbonne. From 2012, Régis Passerieux took on corporate responsibilities, working as a strategic consultant, negotiator and developer to support European businesses in their international development in China, working in particular with Keolis (urban transports) and Comex Holdings (international business platform for SME). Since September 2017 he has been Commissioner General for Strategy at CHEMI (French Ministry of the Interior’s Centre for Advanced Studies), Delegation for Prospection and Strategy (DPS) for the Ministry. He is the director of the specialized advanced cycle for artificial intelligence at the French Ministry of the Interior (CSIA).

Prépa Saint Germain

The key to unlocking senior public service positions

A higher education establishment focused on international relations and political science cannot afford to ignore a vital French feature: Civil Service competitive entrance exams, particularly those used to fill senior public service positions. HEIP is the “Prépa Saint-Germain”’s exclusive partner and also works with INSEEC U’s political science and international relations faculty.

Prepa Saint Germain M2 Management of public affairs and institutions

For two years the Prépa Saint Germain, managed by Eric Cobast, has been offering an original preparation course for the ENA competitive entrance exam, blending on-line distance learning courses and classroom modules in small groups. The teaching expertise is unique: all the teaching staff are recent ENA graduates lecturing in their own field. 25 past papers/mock papers are done and corrected during the session.  The method has proved its worth: out of 40 successful candidates in the ENA’s 2017 competitive recruitment exam, 10 had been prepared by the Prépa Saint-Germain.



Leading studies and analysis, compiling files, preparing speeches, managing media, drafting communiqués and situation updates, liaising with other ministerial cabinets.

  • Geopolitical Analyst

  • Advisor in charge of performance, studies and speeches


Coordinates development or cultural projects, manages requests from companies or local partners, does economic, strategic and political studies.

  • Head of international development for French companies

  • Assistant to the Economic and Commercial Consultantl

  • Assistant to the Counsellor for Co-operation and Cultural Affairs



Support elected representatives in running public projects, be responsible for political and institutional communication, administer departments, manage legislative monitoring.

  • Head of department

  • Chief of staff

  • Technical advisor

  • Advisor on Legal and Litigation Issues