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Analyzing recent developments in strategic policies, whether they provide an adequate and appropriate response to the challenges faced by our societies.

This course focuses on debating major questions such as the balance of power, crisis management, and controlling defense spending in an international context undergoing significant transformations. There is particular emphasis on the impact of the digital revolution and questions of cyber-security

The M2 Strategic Studies, Security and Defense Policies, produces the future deciders and leaders for the key defense and security issues; from the essential core historical knowledge, to analysis of the “new strategic order both in a national and international framework. In addition to studying the traditional aspects (Land, Sea, Air, Space), the curriculum includes the wide-ranging issue of digital space.

Cyber-security lectures take place in partnership with ECE Paris (École Centrale d’Électronique), INSEEC U’s Electronic Engineering School.

This program is part of HEIP’s master’s cycle.

Courses and conferences are delivered in French

Semester 1
  • Negotiation and crisis management
  • Strategy: theory and practice
  • Protection of human societies
  • Security and international organizations
  • Democracies and the use of force.
  • Information systems and cybersecurity
  • Conflictual situations: historical and current
  • Comparison of defense policies
  • Industrial and technological basis of defense and military spending
  • English
Semester 2
  • 6-month internship in France or abroad

    Internship report

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Photo M.JOURNOT 234x300 M2 Strategic Studies, Security and Defense Policies

Program under the direction of Jean-Marc Journot (Major General of the French Air Force (2S))

After enrolling at the “École de l’air” [French Air Force Academy ] in Salon de Provence in 1973, Major General Journot became a licensed transport pilot officer and commanded a squadron in the mid-1980s. Graduating from Sciences-Po Paris (1990), he worked on the Prime Minister’s staff – National Security Authority (SGDN) and in the Military Joint Staff (EMA) before being posted to Rome as a defense Attaché from 1996 to 1999. After commanding the “Cité de l’air” (Air Force General Staff base) in Paris and serving as Head of Military Advisors at OSCE (Organization for Security and Co-Operation in Europe) in Vienna, he finished his career in 2008 as Director of the “Collège Interarmées de defense” recently renamed “Ecole de guerre” (Military School of War).


Quelques exemples de métiers auxquels nous préparons

  • Operation Security Manager in a specialized company;
  • Analyst-advisor to Cyber-Security service providers in industrial and business sectors;
  • Project manager in International Organizations;
  • Business Intelligence Analyst in companies;
  • Communications Officer in crisis management;
  • Consultant to companies in the Defense industry.