IN PARIS OR LYON : First year sandwich course, alternating school periods and work placements

Political Communication & Lobbying

IN LONDON : 1 semester of lectures and a 1 semester internship

Lobbying & Public Affairs

This program which is part of the HEIP master’s cycle, is offered as a dual diploma HEIP and SUP de PUB. Graduates are trained to understand and control the stakes and consequences of political decisions in economic and social terms.

This specialized program also includes training in the way political institutions, elected political representatives, and electoral procedures work.

Communication targeting the general public, advising politicians, building an election campaign communication strategy, steering a public and political communication plan, managing influence communication, setting up communication campaigns involving the image and public perception of political and social objectives, managing what’s at stake in crisis communication or lobbying. The range of possibilities is huge… There is a wealth of opportunities, so no more hesitation, embark on the great adventure of political communication!

Students can do the course as a sandwich course, alternating school periods and work placements; the course may be funded by a company or institution through a “professionalization training contract” or in the framework of a school-business partnership.

Courses and conferences are delivered in French.


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Sup Pub 300x77 M2 Political Communication & Lobbying

IN LONDON: 1 semester of lectures and a 1 semester internship
  • Digital Communication and Social Media

  • Understanding Britain

  • Advanced Integrated English

  • Doing Business in the UK

  • The Future of the EU: The Lobbying Challenge
  • The Rise of Populism and Nationalism
  • The Right/Left Spectrum Across Europe
  • Public Affairs, Organisations and Stakeholders
  • Political Philosophies and Communication
  • Public Affairs and Political Parties
  • London: Lobbying and Public Affairs in the UK: Brexit and Impact by Sector

  • Brussels: Lobbying EU Institutions, Pressure Points, Euroscepticism and the Changing Nature of Communications

  • Washington D.C: Lobbying in the U.S.A, Navigating Congress and The U.S Judiciary and Foreign Security Policy

  • Crisis Communications

  • 6-month internship

    • Oral defense of an internship report in front of a jury HEIP/Sup de Pub
IN PARIS OR LYON: First year sandwich course, alternating school periods and work placements

A week of conferences by leading figures on current trends in communication

How does the internet influence political communication and elections?

Brussels at the heart of influence communication and lobbies

NGOs have become an important channel for political messages in all fields

A week’s practical case study: organize and live through a week in a local government representative’s election campaign

Major brands have to manage all sorts or crises (industrial, economic, ecological)

A week’s practical case study: (political communication, communication for economic or ecological crises)

Elaboration d’un projet professionnel
    • Accompagnement annuel dans son élaboration
    • Soutenance devant un jury HEIP/Sup de Pub