October 1st: Start of M2, UNESCO Master Class

comprehensive economic, financial and cultural approach of international risk management

Courses and conferences are delivered in English. flag gb M2 International Businesses & Public Policies

Successful International Business Development is based upon a strong partnership between public and private actors and a full understanding of international risks in a long-term perspective.
The Master 2 «International Businesses and Public Policies» delivers a comprehensive economic, financial and cultural approach of international risk management. It encompasses the fields of risk assessment and legal and financial instruments, together with international governance and best practices, in co-operation with Public Actors (Governments, Regional Organizations, International Institutions).

Together with the M1 «International Strategy & Economic Development» of ESCE, the M2 delivers a double degree HEIP-ESCE (Grade de Master).


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Semester 1


  • Country Risk Evaluation & Mitigation

  • International Business development

  • International Financial Management and Tools

  • International Trade Law & Institutions

  • Scientific and Technological Challenges of the 21st Century

  • International Written and Oral Communication in English

  • International Written and Oral Communication in American

  • International Negociation & Etiquette


  • The European Economic Space

  • Regional Geoeconomy : Americas, Eastern Europe, Asia, Africa, MENA

  • World Industries and Commodities

  • Economic Intelligence

  • Economic Diplomacy and Official Development Assistance

Semester 2
  • 6 month internship in France or abroad

    Internship report

Major private sector groups in (among others) the agri-food, banking, telecommunication, high tech, advertising and communication sectors.

Knowing how to decipher, comment on and influence political decisions and their impact on the economic activity and national and global development of major groups.

  • Institutional Affairs Officer

  • Expert in Public Affairs and lobbying

  • Analyst in the Security and International Development department

  • European Policy Analyst

Consultancy firms, organizations which have developed services specializing in the activities of national and/or regional public authorities.

Analyzing, evaluating and building the appropriate responses to problems related to public action in addition to mapping influence networks, creating or responding to requests for tender.

  • Public Sector Consultant

  • Public Policy Evaluation Consultant