M1 International Strategy & Economic Development

This major, in partnership with the ESCE Business School, is part of the HEIP master’s cycle. It targets students wanting to have a career in the private sector and work in international corporate development.

This dual diploma program HEIP / ESCE is a two-year course.  The first-year students attend ESCE, in their second year students study at HEIP.

At the end of these two years, students graduate with a dual diploma: the HEIP diploma and the ESCE master’s degree.

Most courses are delivered in English. 



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Courses are delivered at ESCE (10 rue Sextius Michel 75015 Paris)

logo esce 300x62 M1 International Strategy & Economic Development

Semester 1
  • International trade practices
  • International economic geography
  • Interculturalité
  • Les rendez-vous de la géopolitique
  • Stratégie d’entreprise
  • Préparation à la spécialisation
  • Anglais
  • LV2
Semester 2
  • Insight into export management
  • Market selection
  • Export project management
  • Cross border business planning
  • Export management workshop
  • International trade & globalization
  • Geopolitical changes & international
  • Les rendez-vous de la géopolitique
  • Méthodologies qualitatives et quantitatives


ESCE’s mission is to train students how to lead international corporate development in a globalized world while respecting ethics, human diversity and cultural diversity. The school carries out this mission through its “French Grande Ecole” program, based on research projects to improve management skills and knowledge, particularly in the field of international trade. ESCE’s identity is increasingly multi-cultural, increasingly digital as more courses as digitalized, and second cycle elective majors are more and more closely linked to careers in international business.

ESCE delivers a master’s degree validating five years of higher education accredited by the French Ministry of Higher Education and Research.