HEIP prepares its students for professional life and facing the challenges of international relations through internships. Studying at HEIP means finding personal fulfillment and your future career, as illustrated by our graduates’ professional track records.

Farida Cherkaoui, Employer Relations Manager at HEIP, works on enhancing the employability of HEIP students and recent graduates at institutions and in companies. She assists students in defining their career plan and supports them in their search for internships and jobs through personalized coaching sessions.


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Why do an internship?

Internships are an essential part of student training. They enable students to:

  • Implement the theoretical knowledge acquired during their course;
  • gain understanding of the world of work and the jobs that they are interested in to confirm their career plan;
  • acquire professional experience with a view to landing a position…

HEIP helps its students carry out their internships abroad to see political science from an international perspective. Professional experience, internships every year, personalized support and advice throughout their course of studies.


Studying at HEIP means leaving with a complete skillset, ready to fit seamlessly into the world of work: French or foreign government institutions, humanitarian, diplomatic, environmental or military organizations, NGOs, journalism, regional government, the media…

Professional opportunities