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International and intercultural: multiple experiences

Opening up internationally is an opportunity and a requirement for each of our students. The internationalization strategy developed by the school (international partnerships, welcoming students from all over the world, development of language skills, etc.) helps to shape these international profiles. HEIP has a strong network of international partners made up of some 40 institutions around the world. In particular, it has established privileged relationships with certain institutions, enabling many students to study for a semester or obtain a double degree.

Mastery of foreign languages

The students are followed so that, very early, they can have a perfect command of English, essential in the field of international relations. Throughout the course, some courses are taught entirely in English.

In the second year of Bachelor, in order to prepare them for their internationalization in the third year, HEIP organizes an intensive week of preparation for the Test Of English Foreign Language (TOEFL).

In addition, mastering a second and a third language remains a considerable asset that HEIP places at the heart of its educational program. The school offers eight foreign languages to choose from in LV2 or LV3 on three levels (beginner, intermediate and confirmed): German, Spanish, Italian, literary Arabic, Russian, Mandarin, Japanese and Portuguese.

Updated 1 August 2022