Internships are incorporated into our educational programs, providing a real-world learning environment, and immersion in the professional world. The faculty members support the students in finding an internship, defining their missions and writing their internship report.

  • Training humanitarian and emergency response teams in the risks linked to the political and social context in which they will be working in the field;
  • Preparing files within the framework of negotiations for international contracts.
  • Monitoring the work of Foreign affairs, security and development commissions, analyzing the votes and preparing files on current topics and issues within the framework of international organizations;
  • Finding partners, private and public sponsors both international and European, to set up humanitarian projects;
  • Monitoring economic activity in the Middle East.
  • Embassies: American Embassy in France –Libyan Embassy in France –Mexican Embassy in France –French Embassy in Syria – French Embassy in Australia
  • Government, International and Non-governmental Organizations: French “Assemblée Nationale”, Foreign Affairs and Defense Commission– French Assemblée Nationale, Groupe Nouveau Centre – UMP[New Center – Union for a Popular Movement political party], Service for Expatriate French, UNESCO – UNICEF – Organisation Internationale de la Francophonie [International Francophone Organization ]– OFPRA, French Office for the protection of refugees and stateless persons – Chilean Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Service for relations with the European Union– Secours Catholique [Catholic Relief Services] – Support unit for child protection services, Senegal – Action against hunger – French Development Agency
  • Agencies and private sector: Thales Brussels – Areva – Société Euro Confluence – B Commerce Brussels – – Centre français d’information sur les entreprises [The French Information Centre for Businesses] – International Banks in Hong Kong…

Omar Ba

Master’s cycle student (2015-2017), intern at the Ligue de l’enseignement [League for Education] (International Relations Department)

« My main mission was to organize the Annual General Meeting of the “Ligue Internationale de l’Enseignement, l’Education et de la Culture Populaire” [International League for Teaching, Education and Popular Culture]. The French League for Education is a founding member of this organization which gathers together around twenty other organizations in sixteen countries. My second mission was to write a recommendations guide for leaders of a sociocultural workshop program in Morocco. I also acted as an instructor and jury member for allocation of funds for international development and solidarity projects.
This internship enabled me to gain first-hand experience of international work and to be at the heart of the challenges and constraints of international action.»

Bérénice Bergmann

3rd year bachelor’s degree student (2017-2018), intern at the French Embassy in Chad (Diplomatic Chancery Office)

« The Sahel region is of particular interest to the international media, it is currently plunged into insecurity by a terrorist threat which continues to strike the region. Paradoxically, the rest of the country is welcoming and focused on development.
During my internship, I had the opportunity to work with the Ambassador and his advisors. I wrote reports for the Embassy Heads of Department, diplomatic notes for the Deputy Head of Mission and participated in organizing events (with the Standing Committee on Administrative Cooperation in particular). »