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From the very beginning, the high quality of the school was largely due to the excellence and the diversity of its teaching faculty.
Each faculty member lectures in their chosen field, whether they are renowned academics, political observers, international specialists, young or distinguished professionals, each of them brings their distinct expertise, shares their knowledge – experience, analysis, research – within the framework of the school.

Some of the professors who have built the school’s reputation

A comprehensive list of faculty members who have left their mark not only on the school, but also on public and academic life, would be too long to give here. Let’s mention just a few among so many others:

  • Léon BOURGEOIS, President of the [French] Senate from 1920 to 1923 –Nobel Peace Prize in 1920 
  • Paul DESCHANEL, President of the [French] Republic in 1920 – Member of the “Académie française” from 1899 to 1922 
  • Léon DUGUIT, French legal expert – Founder of the Civil Service School  
  • Emile DURKHEIM, One of the founders of modern French sociology – Founding member of the Human Rights Ligue.  
  • Arthur FONTAINE, Author of the Versailles Treaty (1919) – First President of the International Labor Organization from 1919 to 1931
  • Anatole France, French Writer – Nobel Prize for Literature 1921 
  • Henry de JOUVENEL, High Commissioner of the French Republic in Syria and the Lebanon 1925-1926 -French Ambassador 
  • Anatole LEROY-BEAULIEU, Member of the Academy of Political and Moral Sciences – President of the “Ecole Libre des Sciences Politiques” (Sciences Po Paris) from 1906 to 1912 
  • Pierre MENDES FRANCE, President of the Council of Ministers 1954-1955 – Resistant 
  • Charles PEGUY, French writer, poet and essayist – Founder of “cahiers de la quinzaine” [Fortnightly Notebooks] on the HEIP campus 
  • Raymond POINCARE, President of the French Republic from 1913 to 1920 
  • Romain ROLLAND, French Writer – Nobel Prize for literature 1915 
  • André SIEGFRIED, Founding member of electoral sociology – Member of the “Académie française”  
  • Paul VIDAL de la BLACHE, Founding member of Modern Geography – Member of the Academy of Moral and Political Sciences
  • Michel ANTOINE, Parliamentary Administrative Officer (Assemblée Nationale);
  • Edwige AVICE, Former minister, President of the “Conseil Economique de la Défense”;
  • Jérôme BALOGE, Doctor of Political Science, Mayor of Niort
  • Elie BARANETS, Doctor of Political Science
  • Eugène BERG, French Ambassador
  • Jean-Michel BOUCHERON, Former minister
  • Guy CHAMPAGNE, Editor
  • Gilduin DAVY, Associate Professor, Université Paris X-Nanterre
  • Georges DEBANNE, President of the “Sustainable development group” CIAN – Ecole des Mines
  • Daniel DORMOY, Associate Professor, Université Paris XI (emeritus)
  • Francis ELBAZ, Doctor of Political Science
  • Derek EL ZEIN, University Lecturer, Université Paris V
  • Hassen FODHA, Ambassador, Honorary United Nations Director for Europe
  • Thierry GARCIN, Program Director at Radio France
  • Thérèse GASTAUT, Honorary Director the United Nations Organization information department
  • Jean-Marc JOURNOT, Major General, Honorary Director of the Ecole de Guerre
  • Béatrice LANDERER, University Lecturer, Université Paris II Panthéon-Assas (emeritus)
  • Mickhail LEBEDEV, Doctor of Political Science and Doctor of History
  • Meriem MEHADJI, Doctor of Political Science
  • Diane LE BEGUEC, Doctor of Political philosophy, Director of Studies
  • Sonia LE GOURIELLEC, Doctor of Political Science, researcher at IRSEM
  • Mickael POYET, Doctor of Law, magistrate of the administrative courts
  • Grégory PORTAIS, Professor lecturing at ENA, Jean Monnet Faculty
  • Michel RAIMBAUD, French Ambassador
  • Fabrice RIZZOLI, Doctor of Political Science
  • Nicolas ROUSSELLIER, Associate Professor of History, University Lecturer, Sciences po – Paris
  • Arnaud SEE, Associate Professor, Université de Picardie
  • Marie-Carmen SMYRNELIS, Doctor of History, EHESS
  • Aurélie TARDIEU, University Lecturer, Université de Caen
  • Philippe TAUZIN, International Finance Consultant, University Lecturer at HEC
  • Julien THERON, Assessor judge at the National Court for Right of Asylum. (representing the HCR)
  • Frédéric TRISTRAM, Associate Professor of History, University Lecturer, Université Paris I Panthéon- Sorbonne