This program is part of the HEIP master’s cycle. It allows graduates with a level 2 university diploma (3 years higher education) to prepare for Civil Service competitive entrance exams while following their first semester courses.

After this M1 year at HEIP, the student can continue by electing for one of the 6 M2 majors offered by HEIP.



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M1 Political Studies & Public Affairs


  • Europe on the world scene
  • Writing Techniques
  • History of ideologies
  • Political parties: strengths and weaknesses
  • Organization of public authorities and political decision-making processes
  • Public statements and Cabinet secrets
  • Modern languages
  • Social players (trade unions, insurance companies, etc.)


  • Preparation for Civil Service competitive entrance exams (Prépa Saint-Germain)OR
  • 4-month internship

Prépa Saint Germain

The key to unlocking senior public service positions

A higher education establishment focused on international relations and political science cannot afford to ignore a vital French feature: Civil Service competitive entrance exams, particularly those used to fill senior public service positions. HEIP is the “Prépa Saint-Germain”’s exclusive partner and also works with INSEEC U’s political science and international relations faculty.

Prepa Saint Germain M1 Political Studies & Public Affairs

« For two years the Prépa Saint Germain, managed by Eric Cobast, has been offering an original preparation course for the ENA competitive entrance exam, blending on-line distance learning courses and classroom modules in small groups. The teaching expertise is unique: all the teaching staff are recent ENA graduates lecturing in their own field. 25 past papers/mock papers are done and corrected during the session.  The method has proved its worth: out of 40 successful candidates in the ENA’s 2017 competitive recruitment exam, 10 had been prepared by the Prépa Saint-Germain. »