The third year of the bachelor’s program is designed to make students fully aware of and open to international issues and enables them to graduate with a bachelor’s degree in “International Relations and Political Science”.

The objectives of the Bachelor’s cycle

Objective: Develop openness to international issues by studying on the London campus and in a foreign partner university.


Département Admission

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The first semester students attend course in Paris or on our London campus.

Semester 1: Lectures in Paris
  • The theory of International Relations
  • International environmental policy and negotiations
  • International human rights law and international humanitarian law
  • International corporate development
  • Contemporary political theories
  • The digital revolution, society and social change
  • Public Affairs: freedom, secularization and secular states
  • International Relations: major security and cybersecurity issues
  • Journalism and the media: political communication
  • Political & Diplomatic English
  • Second foreign language, or additional English courses
  • Second or third foreign language
Semester 1: Lectures in London
  • Britain Today
  • Intensive Academic English
  • Second Foreign Language?
  • Key Institutions: IMF, WORLD BANK, WTO, ECB

  • International Markets

  • City of London

  • Multinational Corporations

  • International Relations Theories

  • Key Institutions: UN, NATO

  • Case Study: Contemporary Security Policy and the Middle East

  • Religion and Geopolitics

  • Christianity and World Affairs

  • Hinduism and Sikhism in South Asia

  • Buddhism and Southeast Asia

  • Judaism

  • Sunni and Shia Islam

  • British Politics

  • Britain: Trading Hub

  • The EU, Trade and Monetary Policies

  • Brexit: The Future of the EU

  • International Environment: Multilateral Accords

  • Climate Change and the Economy

  • Climate Change and Politics

  • Lloyds of London

  • Foreign Policy Think Tank

  • Europe’s Largest Hindu Temple

  • European Commission Office Westminster

  • Greenwich Meteorogogical Office

The second semester includes a study period in a foreign partner university, or an internship in France or abroad.

The internship is validated by an internship report on an issue selected by the public institution or company hosting the internship.
  • 6-months internship

  • Academic semester in a foreign partner university